Run Like a Girl Challenge: Get faster with hill workouts

Want to run faster, fast? Run this hill workout.


Happy almost-spring Sunday! Today, I’m back on Cookin’ Canuck with a post on running hill workouts… specifically hill sprint workouts.

If you’re a seasoned runner, chances are you’ve incorporated this workout into your training schedule in the past, but if you’ve never run hill sprints or it’s been a while, head on over to my post here and get ready to get faster in a hurry.

A cautionary note to the experienced runner: hill sprints aren’t hill repeats, and aren’t part of your mileage total for the workout in which they are performed. If you treat them as such, you’re doing them wrong and they won’t produce the training effect they’re intended to. Read: running in between sprints is not allowed and won’t make the workout tougher and therefore better. You’re welcome. :)

Seeing as it’s getting to that time of year (hopefully) where training and racing is just a whole lot more – and a whole lot more fun, it’s a great time to slide in a workout that will improve so much in your running in such a simple way and in a short period of time. Few workouts, in my opinion, are more valuable and easier to incorporate into your existing training schedule than this one.

I’ll be back this week with an update on my own training and some in-the-kitchen yumminess, too.

Do the rest of your weekend up right!


  1. Sheryle Braaten says:

    Hills! I will try to get on that this spring. Thanks Cindy.

  2. I did my first hill workout yesterday. I took your advice and amped my treadmill up to a 6% incline to see what it felt like. It felt like I needed to throw up. So, now everytime I hit a hill that makes me want to barf, I’ll know I;m on the right track. I’ve got to say, I felt sore muscles in my upper thighs the next day that I don’t typically feel after a run. So I think I’ll stick with it. Feeling a difference must mean I’ll soon start seeing a difference. Thanks so much for the help. Can’t wait to spend more time on your site getting more running tips. I am a new runner, so I need all the help I can get. It used to be if I were running there would be an ice cream truck in front of me, but no more.

  3. Hills, the dreaded hills. But I learned with this post that I’ve been doing it wrong… the way you recommended not to do them! Yikes! Good to know and good advise.

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