One Word – help me find mine.



Word UP!

Word to your mother.

Oops, sorry…I got carried away. I’ve been thinking about words a lot recently. Rather, I’ve been thinking about just ONE word. OK, I’ve been thinking about how I can find that one word.

I’m not trying to apologize to or compliment anyone. I’m trying to find just one guiding word that will serve as the umbrella under which I will stash all my best plans, decisions, risks, etc in 2014. I’m looking for that one word to serve as the lens through which I see my athletic (and entire) life. For an entire year.

Sounds much easier than it is!

I’ve seen the one-word buzz light up traditional and social media like a bonfire since the year turned over, and I want in. And I’m running late. Way late.

I love the idea of simplifying resolution-making, goal-setting, whatever you call it, into a simple guiding word that can help wipe out over-thinking, hesitation and worrying.

I want to do more and be more this year, both for others and for myself. I’ve got tons going on, so many races to try to fit into my schedule, people I want to run with, spend time with, learn from, encourage. PRs I’d like to destroy. Strength goals. Nutrition goals. Interpersonal goals. Parenting goals. Business goals. The order of importance changes weekly/daily/down to the hour, of course.

I haven’t arrived at my one word yet, but if you are considering choosing a word and daring to live your entire year by it, here’s a quick list of resources I’ve been combing through to get going:

The OneWord365 Project – I intend to take this challenge as soon as I have my word. Its goal is to help you choose your word, share and encourage others through this social media-based year-long challenge to live by the guidance of a single word.

Jon Gordon’s advice: This motivational speaker and author of One Word That Will Change Your Life gives tips on the Today Show.

This hilarious post by mompreneur Ciaran Blumenfeld on her own word-choosing angst, and this post on how she arrived at her word.

Chris Brogan lets me off the hook a little with three words he chooses every year and how to come up with them. Hmmm.

This video by Australian raw food blogger and eloquent speaker of the truth, Kemi Nekvapil.

Now it’s go-time. I MUST choose my word by this Sunday evening, January 19th. Here is where I’d like your help. Have you chosen YOUR word for 2014 and if so, what is it and how did you get there from here, where I’m stuck in the mud?

I don’t yet think something’s wrong with me because I haven’t found my word (if I should, don’t tell me), I just want lightning to strike and want to be inspired by your tale of how you found your word. Even if you’re determined to find one but haven’t yet – I’d love to hear from you.

Tell me below.


  1. Hi Cindy -
    Last year my word was TRUST because I needed to cope better and TRUST God, that He had His hands in the stress of my life and knew where it was going. I had to trust Him instead of trying to fix things and carry the weight of the problems in my life at the time.
    This year I’ve chosen the word EMPOWER.

    How did I choose this word? Hmm, after publishing several novels in the past six months I feel like I’ve been talking about me, me, me and I hate that. But in the process, I learned that by showing other writers how to be successful in their projects I can feel even greater success by watching them succeed.

    I never made the cheerleading team in 7th grade. (I had flying arms. Sheesh.) So this year I’m going to use my arms (and my knowledge) to help EMPOWER others who lack the confidence in their writing, who want to improve, who want to see their way into publication and maybe the bestseller list. I don’t know it all, but I’m learning and I love sharing.

    You will find your word. I’m positive. And it will serve you AND OTHERs well.

    Love you,

  2. Determination is my word for 2014. I have been given a boost and now in a determined frame of mind to get a few things completed this year. My main focus is Spanish, I have the determination to master this finally and a GREAT support system if friends willing and already helping!!

  3. Mick, LOVE THIS. You were born to empower others. It’s your nature. And I love your suggestions to me so far. I can do this. Eek! Love you.

  4. Hey, Pam!

    Determination. This is so huge with me as well. When I think if that word I think of not backing down from my goals or path. I like it. I don’t mean to copy but am adding it to the list with courage and believe. Hmmm. Thanks for sharing it with me!

  5. My word is fearless. To me that means taking a leap of faith and just going with my gut. Too often I put up walls on why something won’t work or I’m not smart, experienced or educated enough to make it work. In other words, excuses. This year, I don’t want to overthink it, I just want to make it happen. To open myself up to endless possibilities.

  6. Tina:


    YES. Just yes!! Xoxo

  7. If i had to choose a word it would be focused. I was a hot mess last year.
    I need to be focused first and foremost on getting healthy, and then on getting better.

  8. Sheryle Braaten says:

    Hi Cindy!

    That is so cool that you are searching for One word. I was on the One word journey this year too. Wow! We are together in the same thing and didn’t even discuss this. I have been thinking about my word since the new year. I even signed up foe a One word discovery devotional on-line. I have been busy lately and need to get back to it. and also praying that God would reveal His word for me. And I feel like He was saying the word for me this year was BELIEVE!

    Sometimes I doubt God. Sometimes I doubt myself. But to just believe in His Word and promises. Trusting. But also to believe in myself. He made me with gifts and abilities. Go for it!!! I am not 100 percent sure on the word. Need to get back on it. And resolve by Feb 1. How is that?

    I hope you find your word soon. And I would love to run Hilly Hess soon!

    Love you,


  9. Sheryle -
    I love that word!
    I suggested that Cindy take that word too, because she is one of the most positive people I know and is such an inspiration, but sometimes she doesn’t believe that, doesn’t believe in herself, doesn’t believe the effect she can make on others (and does) or the influence she can be on others to perform and achieve success. (Can you tell I love this girl?)


  10. So, so important to me this year. I had focus issues last year but I know why. It’s amazing what can happen when we strip it down to a few things that are most important and just go for it. You guys are making it easier and harder, but you’re all so confident in your words that I know you’ve got the right ones. I’m getting closer and closer!!

  11. Sheryle Braaten says:


    Thanks! I do believe BELIEVE is a great word for Cindy too. And Cindy has influenced my life for the better. I have learned alot from her. She is so positive and encouraging to me!! I love her attitude. And it has rubbed off on me some. I still have a long way to go. But Cindy is one of those peeps that bring out the best in us! And I want to be like that too.

    And she inspires me on the fitness, running and weight training. I need pushed. I did one day of strength training this week. I hope I can fit it in today!


  12. You ladies. There is some serious TRUTH going on, below, and I thank you for everything you’ve said!! Love you both. This is so much better and gives me way more to consider than stewing on my own. Duh, that’s why I wrote this post. I am one LUCKY woman to have you two!!!

  13. Girl, XOXO and guess what? BELIEVE is your perfect word because you need to just do it and go. Your talent and innate strength boggles my mind but you don’t see it. So let’s make a pact to “don’t look, just go” as they say in racing!

  14. my word is smile. i realized that i’ve spent so much time worrying about things that just DON’T MATTER in the long run, and i’m resolving to be done with all that. :) <– see?

  15. Hi, Molly! LOVE this. I’m so happy to hear from all of you on this post. So helpful – and also making it a tad tougher but in a great way. Hope the wedding goes off like silk and that you have an awesome time in Beantown!

  16. Lisa Collins says:

    Word….. hmmm, hadn’t thought about that. You ladies seem to have it so together, I have never thought about a word to focus on this year. I think if I had to pick a word for this year it would be positive. The last year had so many negative things going on that I have been consumed by negative thoughts and feelings of loosing hope. I must turn that around this year, this year MUST be the year of positive thoughts, words and actions! Thanks Cindy and girls!

  17. Lisa, positive is positively it. We have to do as many proactively positive things this year – together and separately – as we can in 2014. A new tone is now set and there’s plenty of hope to be had! Last year has been retired. No carryover! Xoxo

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