My Reverse Bucket List



I first read about “reverse bucket lists” from Angela of the blog Happy Fit Mama, which I immensely enjoy. She made her list a couple of weeks ago, and like her, I had no clue what one was when I started reading her post.

Once I did, I immediately loved the concept and wanted to make my own. I even thought I’d get clever and call mine the “in the bucket list,” as this list involves things I’ve already done in my life that are achievements, touching, quiet moments, life milestones, epiphanies and the like.

However, after further consideration, I think I want to keep that bucket at the very end of this whole process and not get INTO it or touch it in any way until I kick it, thank you. And hopefully that’s after a lot of kicking it in. Hehe.

The reverse bucket list fits so well with my priorities surrounding sources of motivation and just the whole way I want to shape my life going forward. It’s so freaking easy to drive by your life’s big moments (which, in reality, can be very small and mercilessly fleeting) and to discount not only your achievements, accolades and and awards, but also the revelations, kindnesses and just everyday occurrences that have positively and profoundly impacted you – whether created by you or by someone or something else.

When I brainstormed this list, my head almost spun right off – but at the same time, I got confused as my mind served up memory after memory in a movie reel that was fast and jumbled at first, but as I started to examine things chronologically, slowed down so that I could survey and smell the roses, so to speak. Once I focused, those roses popped right up in multitudes. Hard to narrow it down, in fact. This was NOT an easy exercise.

Here’s my list. No order of importance. What’s on yours? I dare you to author one and not have your stock in yourself rise 150%. Grateful, refreshed, proud, inspired – I think you’ll feel all of these, all made possible by you.


Cindy’s Reverse Bucket List

1. I’ve witnessed the sun setting over the ocean from the bottom of the United States with my family. On my birthday.

2. I married a physically and mentally strong, GOOD man.

3. I brought two incredible children into the world (and I know they’re going to change it).

4. I graduated from college.

5. I ran the Boston marathon.

6. I witnessed the last-ever night launch of the Space Shuttle program with my family (Discovery, April 5th, 2010).

7. Jointly with my brother and sister and our spouses, I threw my parents a 50th wedding anniversary party.

8. I high-fived my family at 75th and 1st Ave, Manhattan, while running the New York City Marathon.

9. I’ve been eye-to-eye with a wild dolphin as it swam to me in the 10,000 Islands of Florida.

10. My articles have been published in many of my favorite national magazines.

11. I swam through the dark waters of a cave in Mexico with my family.

12. I’ve climbed Cathedral Rock in Sedona, AZ, with my husband.

13. I helped found a chapter of a national writing and literacy nonprofit for kids.

14. I encouraged my daughter to sing.

15. I watched my son graduate from high school with honors.

16. I moved my son to college.

17. I ran my first 50K with two of my best friends.

18. Upon the discovery of my sister’s deafness when she was three, I learned sign language.

19. I made the cheerleading squad five times.

20. I was a bridesmaid in my childhood best friends’ weddings.

21. I was a bridesmaid in my brother’s wedding.

22. I sat in the second row, behind home plate, with my dad at Wrigley field for my first Chicago Cubs game at age four.

23. I became Godmother to my nephew.

24. I edited my daughter’s first novel (ongoing).

25. I appeared on television numerous times while in the audience of Bozo’s Circus when I was three.

26. I went 150++ mph around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in a Corvette with a champion Indy Racing League driver.

27. I spent a day with a supermodel and fellow mom, who, coincidentally, had appeared on the cover of the magazine issue in which I first saw my wedding dress.


Huge Thanks to Angela for sharing her list with me in the first place. Maybe I haven’t fleshed it out enough from the past, and I still can. Adding to it in the future is one huge, happy thought!

Now off with you to make your own, and make sure to share with me, below, a few items – or just give me the whole enchilada!

I can’t wait to read it.


  1. This is such a good idea! I’m gonna have to do one!

  2. Thanks for linking up! I love it especially that you were at Bozo’s Circus. I loved that show when I was little!!

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