Run Like a Girl Challenge: Get faster with hill workouts


Want to run faster, fast? Run this hill workout. Happy almost-spring Sunday! Today, I’m back on Cookin’ Canuck with a post on running hill workouts… specifically hill sprint workouts. If you’re a seasoned runner, chances are you’ve incorporated this workout into your training schedule in the past, but if you’ve never run hill sprints or […]

In the kitchen: Clementine Spinach Salad


Clementine oranges steal the show in a salad that goes with any entree and is great on its own for lunch. Yikes, how did it get to be Wednesday already? I am getting way excited for V-day and cooking up something delish and lovey for eight people I love Friday night. One problem: I haven’t finalized my […]

Ten Running Reads for your Valentine

photo 1

  It’s LOVE week. Oh, Valentine’s day. I know it can get corny, but I use it as an excuse to get full-on obnoxiously lovey with my family and friends. And, seriously, I try to make a point of reaching out to everyone I can think of whom I appreciate and make an effort to tell […]

In the kitchen: Whole Wheat Banana Walnut Waffles from Cookin’ Canuck


Want the perfect motivation to get that early morning run done? Waffles, of course! And not just any.   A healthy-but-awesomely-delish breakfast, one fit for a food magazine cover, is something about which I often fantasize in the last straightaway stretch to my house on my morning runs - especially weekend long runs. Reality for me, however, is that […]

My Reverse Bucket List


  I first read about “reverse bucket lists” from Angela of the blog Happy Fit Mama, which I immensely enjoy. She made her list a couple of weeks ago, and like her, I had no clue what one was when I started reading her post. Once I did, I immediately loved the concept and wanted […]

In the kitchen: Skinny Chicken Gnocchi Soup


Skinny Chicken Gnocchi Soup will whisper to you – even in the summer - it’s that delish. Behold – soup. The lede for this post is just begging for a mention of how it will keep you warm during the second polar vortex or whatever that we’re poised to enter today, or maybe we’re already in, […]

Run Like a Girl Challenge: Focus on the process


Today, I’m guest-posting on Cookin’ Canuck. Topic: focusing on the training process. I hope you are having a great weekend! I’m popping in on a Sunday to let you know that today I have a post appearing over on the Cookin’ Canuck as an installment in the Run Like a Girl challenge for 2014 (hashtag #runwithdara). We’re talking […]

In the kitchen: Almost-Greek Pizza


Load on the veggies, go meatless or add chicken and Greek out with this delish twist on pizza night. Pizza night! I have the best time ever exclaiming out loud the above, suddenly, whenever I determine that’s what’s happening for dinner on a given night. My daughter, or my son and daughter (when he’s home from college) aren’t […]

Don’t look around, look within: Six tips for motivation that moves you.


Want to fire up your motivation engine and keep it running strong? I’ve got tips to help you do just that. Motivation. The big ‘M.’ Who doesn’t want to find its big, fat tap root? Workouts, long runs, work deadlines, laundry – everything’s better with an extra dose of M-sauce. IV-drip, please. But where do you get […]

In the kitchen: Chocolate Chip-Coconut Whole Grain Muffins


These small-but-mighty whole grain muffins will kick-start everyone’s day with a smile. I admit it, I am a huge baker. Whenever a holiday dinner comes around, or a weekend with a houseful of guests, the first things I plan for the menu are desserts and breakfast baked goods. I’m moth-to-flame. My first glass canister of dry […]